Mesotherapy consists of local injections of medicines and other
medical components such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc, made directly into the skin – in a very superficial way and normally without pain. These injections can be intra-epidermal, intradermal superficial or deep between 0.1 and 13 mm.

• With needles from 4 to 13 mm in length.
• Using disposable equipment: "manual" technique with syringe and
needle or "assisted" technique with the help of an electronic

What is in the syringes?

Always products used in General Medicine, available in pharmacies, but in multiple injections and in very small quantities.

Is it dangerous for your health?

All antiseptic precautions are systematically taken. No risk of viral hepatitis and HIV.

Side effects are infrequent and most often mild
(superficial and localized hematomas, sensation of heat ...).

What can Mesotherapy heal?

• Pain of osteoarthritis, "back pain", rheumatic pains.
• Neuralgia, headache and migraines.
• Circulatory disorders (heavy legs).
• Sports injuries (sprains, tendonitis, elongations, contractures).
• Dermatological disorders (hair loss, fibrous scars).

Who can mesotherapy heal?

• Everyone a priori.
• Children.
• Adults.
• Seniors, especially those who use a lot of medications and want to
try an alternative way of administrating medications.


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