"I have always wanted to get training in Mesotherapy, there were so many courses out there I didn't know which one to choose. I met Dr. Philippe Hamida Pisal at a launch event and saw first hand the immediate effects of Mesotherapy on the hand and I was sold. The course with the society of Mesotherapy was 2 days long which covered facial/hand rejuvenation, cellulite, alopecia and pain. We had 2 full afternoons to practice the different techniques. My favorite was hand rejuvenation using the cannula technique. The trainers were very attentative and supportive, we had plenty of models to practice on and were guided through all the different meso cocktails out there. At the end of the course I felt confident injecting, in fact I found the first pair of hands to inject the following day and what a transformation it was! I would highly recommend this course for those interested in a solid foundation and excellent injecting skills."


Dr Sarah Khalifa


"I came across the Society of Mesotherapy when my PA was doing research as to mesotherapy done on the body for cellulite and other issues.   I was already doing mesotherapy on the face and also teaching it’s use to Advanced Beauty Therapists but the body was a mystery to me and I was keen to learn more.

Needless to say the two day training outstripped my expectations.  A lot of the training is aimed at the medical community and therefore not suitable on a practical level for Beauty Therapist.  However, it gave me a very well rounded overview of all the application of mesotherapy.  I also learned new injecting techniques and the use of a meso gun which although were not “for me”, I found being able to try them out in a practical way confirmed to me that I was doing things in the correct way.

As a Beauty Therapist I came away with three things from this class.  Enough knowledge to write an accredited Level 4 Mesotherapy Qualification for my students, a new way to mix my cocktails and a wonderful support network in this fledgling professional group.  There is something very comforting about being able to pick up the phone to someone far more experienced than yourself.   The ongoing support is what so many trainings lack and I’m glad to say this is not the case here."

Lorena Oberg

CEO to Lorena Oberg Skin Clinics and Traning


"I had the privilege of attending the training “Mesotherapy in theory and Practice”, which took place in London, 10-11 December 2016. The event was organized by the Society of Mesotherapy UK. The training was both theoretical and practical. The theory covered a wide aspect a mesotherpay indications, including aesthetics, pain management among others. The theoretical part was stimulating and offered multiple possibilities for reflection. The manual, which was provided during the course was up-to-date and offered practical advice on safe and effective pharmacological cocktails for the various indications of Mesotherpay. The trainers were extremely friendly and helpful in the practical sessions with volunteer models. Practical training included aesthetic treatment for the face and cellulitis practice. The training fulfilled all my expectations and I highly recommend this training for every healthcare professional who wants to improve their skills and theoretical knowledge in mesotherapy. As a Medical Educator, I highly value this course for its consistency and the efficacy of the training. It is stimulating and pleasant." 


Prof Dr. Theodoros Xanthos MD, Pg Dip (Ed), MSc, MRes (EdD), PhD, FHEA, FAcadMEd, FCP, FERC, ERT, FESC

Professor of Medicine, European University Cyprus

Professor of Resuscitation, School of Specialities, University of Cagliari, IT

Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Adj) Midwestern University of Chicago

Moderator MSc "Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation"

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


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